Pasta con Nonna

Gluten Free Pasta With Nonna

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My family is a family of gluten-free masters. My Grandma, Giuseppina, has always been passionate about improving her personal cooking-inventory. She has been making handmade pasta since she was 12 years old, and during the last 30 years she specialized in gluten-free pasta given that her daughters suffered from celiac disease since young age.

Indeed, since 2018, the boundless experience of my Grandma combined with the one acquired from my mum allowed me to welcome more than 200 people in my kitchen teaching how to make gluten free pastas and desserts.

Now, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are bringing our secrets online as well. Thanks to the culinary gluten-free secrets of my mother Maddalena, and Grandma Giuseppina, it will be fantastic to have you online and making together a delish gluten free meal. Yummy!

PLEASE NOTE: Nonna Giuseppina only has availability on Saturday and due to COVID-19 shelter in place restrictions in Italy, her availability may be further limited -- so we thank you in advance for your understanding! If she can't make it, we'll do our best to have her pop in virtually to say hello -- if not, you will be in wonderful hands with her daughter Maddalena!

Recipe schedule is as follows:

  • Monday- GF Fettuccine with tomato sauce
  • Tuesday- GF Ricotta cheese ravioli with Butter Sage sauce
  • Thursday- GF Gnocchi with meat sauce (Italian Ragú)
  • Friday- GF Fettuccine with mushroom and sausage
  • Saturday- GF Fettuccine with meat sauce (Italian Ragú)
  • Sunday- GF Ravioli with butter sage

Time (Italian // PST): 

  • Monday -   6pm and 10pm   //   (9am and 1pm PST)
  • Tuesday-    6pm and 10pm   //    (9am and 1pm PST)
  • Thursday-  6pm and 10pm   //   (9am and 1pm PST)
  • Friday-       8pm and 10pm   //   (11am and 1pm PST)
  • Saturday-  5pm and 7pm   //   (8am and 10am PST)
  • Sunday-     7pm and 10pm  //   (10am and 1pm PST)