Pasta con Nonna

Virtual Cooking Experience with Nonna Pia

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In this live streaming experience, you will connect with Nonna Pia, Nonna Gianna, Mamma Vittoria and family. Nonna Pia and Nonna Gianna worked for many years in local restaurants in Bologna and Modena as “sfogline” (dough makers) and hold the secrets of authentic Emilian cuisine passed down from generation to generation. 

In this online experience, you will be guided through the preparation of our favorite traditional recipes! The town of Emilia, in northern Italy, is the region where Tagliatelle, Tortelloni, Tortellini, Lasagna alla Bolognese and much more were first created. So, be ready to prepare one of these amazing dishes from scratch!

A week before your class, you will receive a shopping list of ingredients to buy and a link to an Amazon storefront for any utensils you may need to cook with. Not to worry—we keep it so simple that you probably already have all the things you need right in your kitchen! 

Each recipe we cook will be from the host's own family recipes going back generations and we will send you some of our favorite wine pairing suggestions should you be so inclined!

Recipe schedule is as follows (all times are intended as Italian European Time, or UTC +2)

  • Monday – with Nonna Pia or Nonna Gianna
    •  Rosette with Ham and Cheese
  • Tuesday – with Mamma Vittoria
    •  Ravioli with Cherry Tomatoes and Walnuts (Vegetarian)
  • Wednesday – with Nonna Pia (10am) or Mamma Vittoria
    •  Tortelloni with Butter and Sage (Vegetarian)
  • Thursday – with Mamma Vittoria 
    • Tortelloni with Butter and Sage (Vegetarian)
  • Friday – with Nonna Pia (10am) or Mamma Vittoria
    •  Tagliatelle al Ragù Bolognese
  • Saturday – with Nonna Gianna or Mamma Vittoria
    • Lasagna alla Bolognese
  • Sunday – with Nonna Pia (10am) or Mamma Vittoria 
    • Tagliatelle al Ragù Bolognese