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Learn to make homemade pasta — live from Italy!

84-year-old Nonna Nerina and her family are ready to share their recipes for the most delicious pasta you’ve ever eaten and teach you how to recreate them in your own kitchen!


Each class provides a meal to a child in need.

One Class. One Meal.

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June 12 - August 21st
Dreaming of eating your way through Italy? Take a tour of Italy with Chiara and enter Nonna’s kitchens all around Italy to learn the secret hidden pasta recipes you’re dreaming of! 
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One Class. One Meal.

For every class, Nonna Live will provide a warm meal to a child in need.
We have partnered with local non-profits to provide underprivileged children access to nutritional food. Millions of children face hunger every day, and Nonna Live is committed to ensuring children everywhere don’t go to sleep hungry.

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Cooking with Love

The Nonna Live experience is all about family—theirs and yours! Nonna Nerina, along with her granddaughter Chiara, founded Nonna Live to share their passion for pasta. Start your journey by taking the original Nonna Nerina class to learn how to make authentic recipes that span more than four generations.

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Nonna (n) no-nah: An Italian grandmother. Specializes in storytelling and teaching the art of how to cook authentic Italian dishes with love.

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Live from Italy

Nestled in the tiny village of Palombara Sabina, just outside Rome, you will meet cooks who love teaching about pasta almost as much as they love eating it!

If you’ve always wanted to go to Italy, but just can’t seem to get there, our classes will transport you to this magical place where family, food and love abound.

And the preparation for your class couldn’t be easier—you may already have many of the ingredients and utensils you need right at hand in your own kitchen!


Like You’re There, Minus the Jetlag!

Inside these exclusive 2-hour cooking classes, you’ll get hands-on participation with guidance from an Italian Nonna using her favorite family pasta recipes.

Since you’ll have everything you need in advance, you’ll be ready to go when the streaming starts. Be prepared to laugh, learn and hear some amazing stories from cooks who can’t wait to share their love and recipes with you!

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