Are you traveling to Italy?

Come to cook with the best chefs ever: Nonna Nerina, and the other Nonnas from Palombara! Send us an E-mail:

The granmas of our small village will show you how to prepare the perfect handmade pasta—no machines, just your hands, the freshest local ingredients, and love.

All of these women started to make pasta in their childhood, keeping alive a tradition that is slowly disappearing. And they are ready to pass it to you!

You’ll be part of our crazy big Italian family for a day and join us as we walk the tiny medieval streets of Palombara Sabina to Grandma’s kitchen.

Together we will cook Ravioli, Fettuccine and Farfalle... you will be in a food coma at the end of the day!

Nonna can’t wait to hug you 💕

We wait for you!

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