• Introducing 'Grandma's Gold'

    L’Oro Della Nonna

    Single-sourced, small-batch, 100% extra-virgin olive oil - from our famiglia to yours.

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L'Oro Della Nonna Olive Oil

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml bottle
L'Oro Della Nonna Olive Oil
L'Oro Della Nonna Olive Oil
L'Oro Della Nonna Olive Oil
L'Oro Della Nonna Olive Oil

L'Oro Della Nonna Olive Oil

100% Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ml bottle

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L'Oro Della Nonna (“grandma’s gold”) is premium small batch, single-sourced, 100% extra virgin olive oil. We hand-harvest the olives from our family's 100-year-old olive trees in Palombara Sabina to share with you. Unlike typical grocery store olive oil, our liquid gold is never diluted with any other olive oils or substances, and is produced in very limited quantities to maintain its quality. This is Nonnalive.com exclusive product, and there is limited supply - order today!

Currently, our membership program is only offered in the US.  We are working on a worldwide shipping program coming soon!

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Why L’Oro Della Nonna?

The taste and quality of L'Oro Della Nonna is unmatched. Unlike the mass-produced bottles at typical grocery stores from giant corporate farms, our olive oil is 100% extra-virgin and single-sourced. Nonna's Gold can't be found in grocery chains or even specialty grocers, as our olive trees can only produce a limited quantity of olive oil that is exclusively sold right here on Nonnalive.com.

Antioxidant Rich
Improves Brain & Heart Health
Healthy for Cooking

How Does It Taste?

How Does It Taste?

Fruit | Herbs | Artichoke | Fresh Olives

Blended olive oils can't compare to a single-sourced EVOO, which delivers a fresher oil packed with health benefits. With its light, fruity aroma, herbaceous undertones and sweet, smooth finish, you’ll want to use Nonna’s Gold on everything.

Meet Nonna Nerina

Learn more about our story and where our olive oil comes from - watch the video!

What Makes It Gold?

Single-Sourced From Italy

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Premium Small-Batch

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From Our Family to Yours

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Savor Every Drop

Savor Every Drop

L’oro Della Nonna doesn’t need much to be enjoyed. We recommend slicing fresh bread, sprinkling it with salt, and drizzling with the oil. It’s also excellent cooking oil to use with everyday recipes, as a salad dressing or to make pasta. Delizioso!

Join Nonna for a Pasta-Making Class!

We use L’Oro Della Nonna in all of our family homemade pasta recipes. Learn how to make the perfect pasta with your L’Oro Della Nonna and book a class with Nonna Live today!

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