June 26, 27

Pasta with Meatballs This special pasta is part of the rich tradition of the Italian region Abruzzo. With the meatballs on top and a rich tomato sauce, this classic dish is sure to delight!



July 10, 11

Gnocchi Alla Sorrentina Gnocchi all Sorrentina were born in Sorrento, bot now they're famous in the Neapolitan region. This dish is so savory, delicate, and almost sweet. With the melted mozzarella on top, it's the ultimate pasta meal.



July 24, 25

Passatelli with Mushrooms Passatelli are typically from Marche, the Adriatic region in Estern Italy - so simple and yet so tasteful. Every mouthful is a magic mixture of freshness and sweetness.



August 7, 8

Orecchiette with Cime Di Rapa Orecchiette with Cime di Rapa (broccolini) are from Puglia, the heel of Italian Peninsula. The family recipe has been handed down through generations, and now we are so excited to share it with you!



August 21, 22

Seafood Linguine Linguine ai frutti di mare (literally translated to the fruits of the sea) are usually eaten on summer days in the Lazio coast, near Rome, and often made specially for celebrations. Let this pasta bring you to a sunny beach!



June 12, 13

Busiate alla Norma Discover this simple, tasteful recipe that's part of Sicilian tradition. Legend says that the name "Norma" comes from an enthusiastic exclation made by Vincenzo Belline. The composer considered this pasta as perfect as hist masterpiece!
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